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Reliable Packaging Machinery, LLC.

120 Taylor Drive
Road Atlanta Metro Area
GA 30548
Phone: 706-654-3000

Category: Packaging Machinery Manufacturers
Email: moc.gkpelbailer@selaS

Company representatives

John Elegreet, Managing Member

John Elegreet, owner

About Reliable Packaging Machinery, LLC.

Packaging Machinery Manufacturer's Representative Group

We specialize in complete bulk weighing, packaging, and palletizing systems for a variety of industries including chemicals, animal feed, and food sectors! Our products are ideal for packaging dry free flowing and semi-free flowing products. Products include acid powder, asphalt, barium carbonate, carbon black, calcium carbonate, capolactam, cat litter, concrete mix, cementitious materials, fertilizer, potash, peat, plastic pellets, pigments, resin, rock salt, rubber chips, sand, sulpher, urea, wood pellets, etc. Food products for human and/or animal consumption include barley, cereals, chocolate chunks, flour, flour and bakery mixes, starch, spices, vitamins, whey powder, milk powder, flavorings, calf milk replacer, seed, grain, rice, salt, sugar, yeast, etc.

Products and Services

  • Weighing machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Palletizing machines

Business categories

  • Processing and Packaging Equipment
  • Weighing Machines and Apparatus


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